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Health Camp in Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp

Yumbe district - Bidi Bidi Refugee camp

Bidi Bidi Refugee Camp is a land nearby the small Ugandan border town of Yumbe in Yumbe district. Today it is a home to over 270,000 refugees, most of whom have fled the violence and upheaval in South Sudan.

Due to the increasing numbers of refugees settling in the camp; access to affordable health care services is a priority; Swiha Charity Foundation with support from individual donors extended a three days medical camp in the area.

Some of the services included; post-trauma counseling, HIV/AIDS testing, blood donation, Hepatitis B testing and vaccination, blood pressure testing, general consultations, Urinary Tract Infections testing and treatment, cervical, prostate & breast cancer screening among other services.

All these services were offered at no cost to all the 314 beneficiaries at the health camp.

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