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Community Health Program

Swiha Charity making health services accessible and affordable to all

Swiha Charity Foundation priotizes community access to quality but affordable health services without emphasis on leaving no one behind; when providing health services, we do not discriminate people by religion, origin, gender nor engage in any other form discrimination.

Health is not limited to the beliefs of a person, it is everyone’s right to good medical services and we believe that many non-Muslim believers are transformed through the good deeds in the communities, discriminating them only denies them an opportunity to understand and love the teachings of the Holy Quran.

Through partnerships with service providers, health workers and development partners, we support local communities with free of charge medical services i.e. general consultations, HIV/AIDS testing, cancer screening, hepatitis testing & Vaccination, health education, and maternal health services among other special clinics.

The sucess of the health service program is limited by funds, its success and kind of services provided in each camp is based entirely on the amount of existing funds and it has also been affected by COVID-19 due to the related limitations on crowds and movements in the country.

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